Campaign News

Campaign News

Campaign News – 5 April – Works in the Park: LOCOG’s helpline number

Lord Coe has recently written to 7,000 Greenwich residents who live close to the Park.

The letter states that works in the Park will take place from Monday to Friday (between 8am and 6pm) and on Saturdays (from 9am to 5pm).

It also contains a helpline number for anyone seeking further information.

Unfortunately the number given was incorrect. So LOCOG have asked us to let you know that residents wishing to contact them should call:

08000 722110
And not 0800 722 1100 as stated in the letter.

5 April – Phase 2 has begun

LOCOG’s Phase 2 began on 2 April.

The Queen’s Lawn has been enclosed and is scheduled to remain closed until the end of November.

The lawns between the Queen’s Lawn and the Avenue are also affected because the paths across them have all been closed.

The only way to get across the northern end of the Park is to use the path along the foot of the Observatory hill or the path beside the National Maritime Museum.

Details of Phase 2 can be seen here. For the latest developments see our photo diary.…