3 August 2011 – Another LOCOG Myth About to Explode

3 August 2011 – Another LOCOG Myth About to Explode – Could This Be the “Iconic Greenwich Park View” that LOCOG’s sponsors are expecting to see – and are paying for?

Click on image to see larger version – this computer simulation of the view from the Wolfe statue was created by Greenwich Landscape Artists to reveal to Olympic sponsors what they are actually paying for,

and so far no one has challenged it. This image is as accurate as it can be since it was done putting together information from LOCOG’s own plans and elevations.

From these it is possible to work out the line of sight from the James Wolfe Statue over the arena to the Queens House and Old Royal Naval College.

An inclinometer was used to check LOCOG’s drawings.

The actual arena may turn out to be even larger, because they have to fit in 23,000 people into the structure they have drawn.

(Charlton Athletic’s football stadium down the road accommodates 27,000).…