13 March – LOCOG’s 2012 tree-pruning campaign

13 March – LOCOG’s 2012 tree-pruning campaign – As reported in our photo diary, dozens of trees (along the Avenue, at the northern end of Blackheath Avenue, and the northern end of Lovers’ Walk) have just been pruned (see, for example, this entry and this one).

A mature horse-chesnut was felled in order to reposition Blackheath Gate so that LOCOG’s construction vechicles can gain access to the Park next month (see this entry).

And two trees have been felled in mysterious circumstances (see this entry and this one).

Remember that, by the time LOCOG’s preparations are complete, over 600 trees will have been pruned; that is, over 20% of the trees in the Park.

And this is being done simply in order to make headroom for horses and riders, and to make space for spectator concessions, WCs, catering stores, buggy parks, etc.

We have also noticed that trees which are not scheduled to be pruned are being pruned (see, for example, this entry). If a member of the public damaged one of the Park’s trees in this way, they would be prosecuted.…