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21 October 2011

21 October 2011Still waiting for decisions made by Licensing Committee (19 October 2011) to be put into the public domain

The most astonishing moment of the first part of the meeting, held in public, was when LOCOG – the Applicant for this new Premises Licence – was asked to clarify how many people can safely be accommodated in Greenwich Park at any one time,

  • LOCOG’s venue manager for Greenwich Park, Jeremy Edwards (with 12 years experience of organising international and Olympic events) remained silent;
  • LOCOG’s solicitor, Mr Phipps, told the Licensing Committee to “ask the fire brigade”.

So there you have it. No other applicant for a premises licence would get any further, if they (the applicant) had no idea how many could be safely accommodated within the venue that was the subject of the licence application.

But, clearly, LOCOG feels that they can bring 69,000 people into Greenwich Park without having to assume first the responsibility for demonstrating what the safe capacity of the Park is.

Sally Elliott

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